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How to Fix the Most Common Garmin GPS Issues

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are subject to a lot of abuse every day. They are strapped to our wrists and can take a lot of abuse. They do have their problems, which is understandable and simple ways to fix them. Garmin’s smartwatches are great, but they also have problems with their fitness trackers and smartwatches. Below are some possible solutions to common issues Garmin devices encounter.

The three most common Garmin GPS Issues are:

garmin connect issues

Problem #1: Syncing problems

Garmin products can be connected to Android smartphones via Bluetooth, just like other wearables. This connection can be affected by many factors. This could mean that your Garmin data may not sync with your smartphone. Here are some solutions to this problem.

Possible solutions

  • Garmin Connect must be installed on your smartphone. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in Settings > Bluetooth > On.
  • Double-check that your Garmin wearable has entered pairing mode. Go to the Settings menu on your Garmin device, tap Bluetooth, then select Pair mobile device.
  • Switch Bluetooth on and off on your smartphone. Although it may seem simple, most minor problems can be fixed by simply turning Bluetooth on and off.
  • You can also power cycle your smartphone by turning it off and on.
  • You can power cycle your Garmin device simply by turning it on or off. This process is covered in detail below under the “How do you restart your Garmin device” section.
  • Install Garmin Connect on your phone. Go to Settings on your phone, locate the Apps menu and search for Garmin Connect. Go to Google Play and search for Garmin Connect. After installing, you may be required to log in again to Garmin Connect. Make sure you have these details handy.
  • Verify that your Garmin device is running the most recent software.
  • Go to Settings > About. Compare your device’s software version to the one provided by Garmin.
  • You can update the software if it is out of date by going to Settings > Software Update.
  • You might need to manually update your wearable if the update doesn’t work. To update Garmin Express, install Garmin Express. Connect your device to the computer or Mac using a USB cable.
  • Garmin Express can be used to verify that syncing works, if necessary.
  • Re-adjust your Garmin Connect account by removing the Garmin device. Open Garmin Connect to do this. Click on the Menu button. Scroll down to select the device that you wish to delete.
  • Follow the same steps, but instead of tapping Add Device, you can add your device once again.

Problem #2: Notification issues

Sometimes you may have notification issues. You may have to adjust some settings on your Garmin or smartphone. You find yourself in this situation then contact with expert.

garmin watch connect

Possible solutions

  • Double-check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and that your Garmin is connected.
  • Verify that Garmin Connect allows notification access. Go to Settings > Apps on your Android phone and tap Garmin Connect. Then, select the Notifications option. Make sure Allow Notifications is turned on.
  • If you have a different UI on your Android phone, you can search for notifications in the Settings page search bar.
  • Garmin Connect allows you to check if the notifications that you want are available. Open the app and select the Menu button. Next, click Settings > Notifications > Application Notifications. To toggle the notifications you want, select Settings > Notifications > App Notifications.
  • Garmin Connect may be required to run in the background on Huawei devices. Go to Settings > Battery > Launch App. Toggle Garmin Connect to manage manually. This will allow the app run in the background and autolaunch.
  • Double-check that Do Not Disturb has been turned off on your smartphone.
  • Verify that your Garmin’s Sleep Time settings are correct. This feature prevents alerts and notifications from disturbing your sleep. However, it can disable all notifications if it isn’t.
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Problem #3: GPS problems

GPS-enabled watches can take up to a minute to connect to satellites. It depends on where you are and what other factors affect the time taken. Here are some steps to fix the problem.

Possible solutions

  • You can sync your Garmin. Garmin Connect sync should prompt your Garmin to scan satellites for signals and speed up the acquisition of GPS signal.
  • Start your activity outdoors in an area that is free from trees and buildings. Your wearable should be able to receive GPS signals faster if there is no interference. The signal may be affected by heavy cloud cover.
  • Still having problems? Double-check your device’s software version. Make sure you update your device’s software version if it isn’t current.
  • Some Garmin devices support multiple positioning systems, including GLONASS. You can double-check that it is on by going to System > Sensors > GLONASS on your Garmin device. Switch on the switch to access the systems that you want to use with GPS.

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