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How to Update Garmin GPS without Computer?

This article will help you update Garmin GPS with no computer. You might not have a computer at all times and need logistic software development in order to keep your Garmin up-to-date.

Garmin GPS receives messages from satellites that orbit the earth twice per day and transmit them back. Garmin GPS receivers pick up satellite signals and use these signals to triangulate your position (trilateration).

It is useful for drivers and motorists. This GPS eliminates the need to use Siri or pull over to ask for an address. Garmin GPS allows you to simply say the address and it will help you get there.

It needs to be updated in order for it to work correctly. It should include a complete list all roads and highways. Otherwise, it won’t be very helpful. It is because streets and routes change over time. If you don’t keep it updated, there is always the risk of getting stuck on a dead end road.

Method 1: Garmin GPS Updates Without a Computer

garmin serial port

Express software makes it easy to keep your GPS updated. It can be used with any Garmin, including DriveAssist and Drive. What should you do if you don’t have a computer connection?

Most GPS devices that work on a map-on a-screen system for trucks or cars can be upgraded using a USB connection to your computer. There are also new versions, such as the DriveSmart 51 or other devices that can be used for non-driving. To transfer user information and update, connect your Garmin Express to your device.
Garmin products that are designed for sports like sailing and hiking, such as the Approach Edge and Forerunner can also run and connect via Bluetooth with a smartphone running Connect Mobile. You can update your device from anywhere you have a cellular signal.

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Method 2: Update Without a Serial Port

updating without serial port

Some Garmin GPS devices can be updated without the need for a serial port or USB data cable. You only need to select the Garmin update you want to install. Next, select the option that allows you to update your GPS via satellite and enter your Garmin GPS serial number. After the notification has sent, wait until the unit turns off.

When should the GPS be updated?

why need garmin map update

After you have installed and run Express, you will be asked to install the lifetime map updates and one-time free map upgrade. Express will prompt you to update your Garmin every time maps become available.

Are you able to access your lifetime maps? If so, you should be able to keep up with the latest versions each time they become available. You can purchase a lifetime map or a one-time upgrade, If you don’t have the update. If you live in an area that is rapidly changing, such as a city with many roads and streets, the lifetime updates might be worth it. You might also find it frustrating to have outdated maps that could cause problems with your driving.

If you travel outside of the USA, your Garmin GPS must be updated. Certain Garmin GPS devices have maps for Canada and Mexico. However, you will need to purchase the maps separately if you plan on traveling through the Southern Americas.

Click the Store icon on your Garmin Express. Next, search for and choose a set map of the area you are interested in. You can also pair Garmin devices with your mobile phone. You can also use the Connect app to receive traffic alerts and parking information notifications.

Last Thoughts

It’s really easy. You now know how to update Garmin GPS with no computer. It’s easy! These methods will allow you to keep your GPS up-to-date, avoid frustrations caused by outdated maps, and enjoy a smooth driving experience. These tips will help you make a Garmin nuvi update easy!

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